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August 14, 2018
Introduction of the New XN 1000 VET in CVRL

Back in 2007, Zahrawi started a partnership with Central Veterinary Research Lab in Dubai (CVRL) for veterinary Hematology testing in conjunction with Sysmex. It took almost a year of sweat, tears and hard work from all stakeholders to have the state of art instrument validated and calibrated to provide accurate blood cell counts for indigenous species like Camels which did not exist accurately on any other hematology analyzers.
It was a breakthrough developing dedicated channels which could enable accurate testing for indigenous species for the region and it was a great experience for Zahrawi.

Soon after this development, the entire UAE and other places in the region came to know of this development and in a very short period of time.  All private and governmental agencies involved in veterinary sciences began adopting this technology as the reference method and Sysmex with Zahrawi was at the pinnacle of Veterinary Hematology resulting in the installation of more than 20 Sysmex XT 2000VET analyzers in UAE alone.

Success leads to more success.  In 2017, Sysmex launched its new model of hematology the XN 1000 VET and again Zahrawi in conjunction with Sysmex teamed up with CVRL to validate the new instrument for indigenous species and this time even more species like Gazelles and Oryx. It took one year of hard work and toil to get the analyzer validated for many species and get the all clear from CVRL who is considered as the key reference laboratory of Veterinary Sciences and finally got their approval to accept the analyzer and have it in their routine testing.
The team involved in the validation got a feeling of DeJaVu and history is repeating itself and this is to be considered as a milestone in the advancement of veterinary healthcare. CVRL was the starting point in the huge success of the previous model and we strongly believe that CVRL is the starting point for the success of the new model and we look forward to much other government and private agencies accepting this new technology and we aim to have the whole region adopting this technology very soon.

We not only care for humans, we also care for our furry friends who cannot speak for themselves and another example that Sysmex and Zahrawi contribute to the
environment by providing accurate and affordable healthcare to animals as well.

Special thanks go our customer CVRL, our principal Sysmex, Zahrawi HBU-Dubai and service staff for the continuous focused efforts and teamwork resulting in this great success.

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